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April 2019 Events – Valletta Waterfront

April 2019… A Jam packed month at the Valletta Waterfront.


Holy Week Exhibition |2nd April – 20th April 2019| at Sagrestia Vault, Valletta Waterfront.

A  family-friendly, life-size exhibition primarily of a religious and traditional character commemorating the last meal of Jesus with his disciples. More information including opening hours on: www.vallettawaterfront.com

Easter Sunday |21st April, 2019| with Easter Egg Hunt for children along the Valletta Waterfront promenade, as well as other entertainment.

Colour Fest: The Colours of Spring Festival |26th, 27th, 28th April 2019| Colourfest is an annual spring festival held at Valletta Waterfront. The iconic coloured doors of Valletta Waterfront have been the inspiration for this event, which together with the historic Grand Harbour serve as a backdrop to the weekend-long event.  Activities include live music, giant outdoor games, crafts and more. www.vallettawaterfront.com/colourfest