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Speak Maltese Collection at Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

Over the past 3 years, this unique shop at the top of Manuel Dimech Street (close to the Sliema Police Station) has been developing, designing and producing some great products living up to the name of the shop.


We had a look at one of their best collections celebrating the Maltese language, and it’s use in everyday life. In the shop and on their Speak Maltese pack of postcards they offer some insights on all the words they feature and their cheeky touch puts a smile on tourists’ faces and gets both expats & locals excited to give their own personal examples.


Our favourite words:



/mel-uh / adverb

  1. Then, therefore, so, of course, ok, alright, umm
  2. Use if you’ve run out of other words but still want to talk.

Mhux Hekk

/moosh eck/ exclam; negation

  1. Not so, not that way; are you kidding me; yeah of course
  2. Locals will be too impressed by your use of this phrase to care that you don’t actually have any idea what it means.


/oh-ryt / adjective

  1. How are you? Is everything good? What have you been up to?
  2. Can also be used as the reply: I’m doing well. Thanks for asking.


We strongly recommend that you visit this shop, the team is super friendly, and they make sure you feel welcomed browsing and learning a thing or two about the island. If you’re living far from Sliema, parking scares you or no more luggage space, they also have an online shop and assume that they ship worldwide.


Mela Hoodies 

How to express yourself in Maltese by using 0.01% of a language

Uejja Tees 

Average use of ‘Uejja’ in a Maltese conversation: 200/minute. This figure goes up the Monday after a weekend in Paceville.

Speak Maltese Towel 

Are you prepared for ‘ajma xi shana’ and spending every waking hour by the water? If not: we have beach towels!

To follow Souvenirs That Don’t Suck as they release more collections, you can check out their Facebook or Instagram too…


Photos: Ed Muscat Azzopardi