About Malta

With a population of just under 450 thousand, Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Situated around 80 km south of Italy, Malta is a very popular tourist destination with 300 days of sunshine a year, various historical sites, beautiful beaches, a mouthwatering cuisine and a unique nightlife.

Malta boasts a solid economy anchored on numerous strong sectors such as ICT, iGaming and finance, and tourism all contributing towards a positive lifestyle sentiment.

The name ‘Malta’ means sweet honey (in Greek). The islands have a very rich history which spans over 7000 years – this has truly shaped the traditions and culture of the Isles.

Facts & Figures

Following are a few key facts about Malta, which are good to know:

Official Name: Republic of Malta
Continent: Southern Europe
Region: Mediterranean
Currency: Euro
Official Languages: Maltese and English
Capital City: Valletta
Drives on the: Left

2007: Euro became the official currency over the Maltese Lira
2004: Joined EU
1964: Independence from UK
1974: Malta became a Republic (from UK)
Principal Religion: Roman Catholic
1565: Great Siege of Malta

Shoreline: Malta 200KM, Gozo and Comino 71KM
Area: 316 KM2
Time: GMT+1
Population: 434,403
Days of Sunshine: 300 a year
Winter Average Temperature: 12 C°
Summer Average Temperature: 31 C°
Distance between Malta and Gozo: 5 KM (25 minutes by Ferry)
Malta lies: 290 KM from Tunisia (North Africa)

International Dialling Code: +356
Major Towns (by population): Birkirkara, Mosta and St. Paul’s Bay
Major Airlines flying to the country: Air Malta, Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz, Lufthansa, Vueling, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Emirates

Capital: Valletta
Former Capital: Mdina
Airport: Malta International Airport (MIA)
Public Holidays: 14 a year
National Holidays: 5 a year
Number of churches: 369
Smallest city: Mdina with approx. 236 inhabitants
First inhabitants of Malta: came from Sicily 4,500 BC and settled in Għar Dalam

Main Banks: HSBC, BOV, APS and BNF Bank
Movies: Both Captain Phillips and World War Z were shot in Malta
Major Mobile Data and Telephon, providers: GO, Vodafone and Melita
Plug Type: G – 3 pin plugs
Electricity: 230 volts