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This web portal carries some of the best content related to the Maltese Islands, which is relevant to incoming tourists.  Malta Virtual Tourist (MVT) is promoted in various ways and is a living online eco-system that includes this web portal, the mobile applications (iOS and Android) and social media channels.  MVT is consistently updated with articles, attractions and happenings.  Get in touch with one of our sales executives for more info.

We Believe In… 1

An omni-channel approach where our content is presented to our target audience via different platforms, namely: this web portal, our mobile applications and social media channels. When it comes to content, 'Simplicity' is the order of the day. All content has a light & fun tone of voice and the focus is on less text and more visuals. Prior to publishing content we always ask ourselves the ‘So What…?’ question.

Our Channel Mix 2

Malta Virtual Tourist is a mix of connected digital platforms: A Fully Fledged Web Portal, Native iOS (Apple) and Android App together with mainstream Social Media Channels.

Why Malta Virtual Tourist? 3

The concept behind Malta Virtual Tourist is to target the 2 million+ Incoming Tourists (to Malta) a year with relevant content on the Maltese Islands and what they have to offer. We believe that Content marketing is the way forward and the beauty of it is that all marketing efforts can be well-targeted. The team behind this digital project has vast experience in tourism-related publishing and the digital space. Malta Virtual Tourist offers a Guaranteed Return on Investment including aid in search engine optimisation for your owned media.

Target Audience 4

Malta Virtual Tourist targets: Inbound Tourists, Expats and Locals living the ‘tourist in homeland’ lifestyle.

Promotional Push 5

Malta Virtual Tourist is marketed via both online and offline channels. Our marketing mix includes, amongst others: Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns, continuous Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts, Sector Specific PR and Ad placements, collaboration with top Tourism Bloggers and Direct Reach-out activations.

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