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Looking for a top-notch Chauffeur? Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Elegance Chauffeur Drive and our team of pros are available whenever you need us. We don’t just meet your expectations, we surpass them.

Elegance was founded this year on the existing principles of quality, instilled by our local team with their experience in the local transportation sector and commitment to service throughout Malta over the many years of operating for local and international clients. Financial support from Dmitry Golomovzy on this project, allowed to pursue and evolve it into Elegance. Together, we firmly stride forward in creating a luxurious and comfortable experience for you and your clients, which we believe you will enjoy and be satisfied with.

The fleet we operate consists of the latest E, V and S-Class Mercedes, with the executive finish. These cars truly represent the best you can get in Malta, and allows us to go the extra mile for you. Alongside these exclusive vehicles, you will find yourself immersed in a professional and luxurious journey, wherever you go. Our staff and chauffeurs maintain a high personal and professional standard, with extensive driving experience, knowledge, and have years of experience working with international clients. These range from tourists and hotels to corporate and embassies.We take pride in our exceptional focus to customer needs and requirements and the dedication we exhibit in our practice and commitment to an excellent and outstanding performance.

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