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La Falconeria Hotel

A Tranquil Hub Infused with Timeless Elegance and Urban Soul.

Valletta, our nation´s capital, is changing from a historic monument into a vibrant European city. The hotel mirrors this same transformation as our modern rooms and facilities are built within a centuries-old structure whilst retaining the classic feel.

Rooms & Suites

Adorned with Traditional Maltese flooring, all rooms are finished to the highest of standards. Modern furnishings complement the rooms’ structure and the suites offer a more comfortable ambience with spacious rooms and open balconies.

Eat & Drink

Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the in-house L’Artiglio Restaurant offers a wide selection of plates throughout the day. One may also enjoy a quick aperitif or bottle of wine at the restaurant´s bar area.

Discover Valletta

A city built by gentlemen, for gentlemen” no other quotation better describes the glorious capital. A vibrant yet mature night life accompanies the city´s rich architectural heritage. One may enjoy a fine meal or drink.

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