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Redefines one’s expectations of a Cafe.

who we are
After more than 45 years’ shared experience in the food and hospitality industry, Rouvin Zammit Apap and Jesmond Vella decided it was time to inject their passion and expertise into a project of their own making. Armed with a vast experience in managing largely the food and beverage sectors within 5-star hotels, they have a keen eye for detail, a hunger for innovation, an uncompromising resolve for sourcing the best ingredients, and a second to none approach to hospitality.

why one80
Literally speaking, the name refers to the stunning 180-degree view one can enjoy from any angle of our restaurant. Perched on a hill, on the way down to Mellieħa Bay, one80 Kitchen & Lounge enjoys sprawling views stretching from the towering Parish Church, down to the lush Roman Valley, leading all the way to the island’s largest sandy beach and crystal clear waters of Mellieħa Bay. The perfect marriage of Maltese architectural and natural landscapes!

This location was previously occupied by a Mellieħa landmark, the Half-Way Inn. As a nod to the heritage of the place, our outdoor sign states, ‘one80 Kitchen & Lounge at Half-Way Inn’. We signed off on the place on the 1st of April 2016 and opened our doors on the 2nd of May 2016!

A lesser-known fact is that the name was inspired by the initial intended location for this restaurant, which was Valletta.

We are very proud of the fact that our establishment seats 180 patrons (no relation to its name, however, simply happy coincidence!) In fact it is the highest ranked restaurant of its size on Trip Advisor.

what one80 stands for 
one80 represents an upmarket casual culinary experience.
We provide our patrons with more than just food, wine and a view.
We have worked, and continue to work, behind the scenes to ensure that your experience at one80 is a seamless one, where you can sit back and relax, and let us worry about the details. We are not ones to rest on our laurels, and understand all too well that excellence in this industry requires constant development, investment and innovation.

the details’ devils
Ah yes, our speciality!
To name a few…
The one80 brand can be seen printed on our ice bags, embroidered on our tailor-made napkins, crafted in Germany, and embossed on our three-tone bespoke menus.

Carefully handpicked semi-crystal glasses adorn the tables.
We buy our fish directly from the fisherman.

Our Kids’ Menu is an interactive original creation, which comes with a set of branded coloured pencils and sharpener.

All our desserts are made in-house.

Our larger-than-normal kitchen brigade is basically a downsized version of one you would expect to find in a hotel, consisting of a sous chef, senior chef de partie, chef de parts, commis chefs, and the works!

…We have meticulously orchestrated a feast for the senses.
And although we could go on and on about all the background information and thought which goes behind each and every decision and detail, our ultimate goal is to present our patrons with an end-product which exemplifies elegant simplicity.
Coming from a larger operations and hotel background we approached this venture differently than other restaurateurs might have. We firmly believe in systems – how an order is taken down, how a dish is plated, how a drink is made. Putting these systems in place ensures that, despite its larger than normal size for such a restaurant, the little things never get lost through the cracks.

The work which goes on behind the scenes translates into a comprehensive, laid-back, complication-free experience.

Speaking of laid-back…did we mention that our staff wear converse and that we play deep house music at one80?

We do not subscribe to the “fine dining” label, as we feel the stiff and overly formal connotations attached to it do not reflect our brand – quite the opposite.

We offer a hip, fresh take on wining and dining, where quality and value are always on the menu!

a taster 
Our patrons are first presented with a small ħobża tal-Malti, made to measure especially for us, in a traditional bakery in Mellieħa itself. This is accompanied by sheep’s cheese, also made in Mellieħa, together with our very own bottled premium extra virgin olive oil. Hungry yet?

the food 
We are all for sharing, so first off on the menu, you will find a selection of starters to share. All our dishes showcase a perfect coming-together of traditional and innovative, simplicity and complexity of flavour. Our ‘Farm to Table’ menu particularly showcases local produce, simplicity always at its core.

the wine
Last year we brought home a Commended Wine List Award from The Definitive(ly) Good Guide Co. for our original selection of wines by the glass and sub-sections with less popular varieties.

Both managing partners poured all their knowledge and qualifications into creating an intriguing and original wine list, featuring innovative concepts such as a wide selection of wines available by the glass, or served in 500ml carafes, as opposed to the archaic half-bottle selections. Another interesting and rare feature is the Coravin – a tool which extracts a glass of wine without opening the bottle. This way you can have a taste of the finest wines on offer without breaking the bank!

Another point of interest in our Wine List is in its presentation. Red and white wines are not split by region or country. Instead they are grouped according to palate, making the whole experience that much more user-friendly. Not a wine connoisseur? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Not a wine fan? Sample our selection of Birra del Borgo craft beers.

One more innovative concept which we are very proud of, is the inclusion of non-alcoholic wine grape juices, made from 5 different grape varieties - Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah.

We also offer an extensive list of sparkling wines, champagne, dessert and fortified wines, rosés and high-end cellar wines.

All our wines are stored in climate-controlled conditions.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday/Sunday - 12.00 till 22.30 - Friday/Saturday 12.00 till 23.00

Wheelchair Access




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