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Riviera Bay

Riviera, is a small beach only one km away from Gnejna Bay - it is accessible via a long flight of stairs. The hillside behind the beach is a natural park that offers a spectacular rural view all year round.

Riviera Bay also has a remarkable history, where on top of the cliffs, one can see an ancient defence tower, built in the mid-1600s, which was also used as a watch-tower through the second World War.

Here, you will also find remains of the Ghajn Tuffieha Roman Baths. The site comprises a number of rooms as well as a latrine and a corridor with small rooms, which are thought to have been changing rooms or bedrooms, back then.

Moreover, Riviera Bay offers the ideal setting to watch picturesque sunsets.

L/O Mgarr
Beach Type: Sandy
Dog Friendly: No
Area Zone: North
Public transport

Bus 238 from Valletta Bus Terminus.

Bus 223 from St. Julians / Sliema Terminus.

Bus 225 from Bugibba Bus Terminus.

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Riviera Bay

Mgarr, Malta

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